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About the literature:

A blurb of the e-book, "Allegory - Escape From Reality", can be found by clicking here.

This site is rated:
This strip is rated for those over 14 years old Concerned parent? Then read this.

About the web-strip art:

For a full explanation of how I made the later web-comic pages, go to my "Behind the Scenes" page.

Here's the short version:
For the first 20-odd pages of the web-strip, I drew the pages using a convertible tablet pc. There was no 3D or paper involved; I did the drawings and used PaintShopPro to put the lettering in. It was a very experimental time and it's easy to see that there were different motifs.

I think page 22 is when I first utilized CGI (via Blender) to assist in my drawing. In that particular scene, it was used strictly for the background.

I later made 3D models of several of my characters and, although I never actually used those models in the final product, I used them to help me with proportion and so on. They were also used to cast shadows.

Page 36 is the only page where I posted both the drawn characters and the rendered characters. You can make a side-by-side comparison, if you like.

About me:

It's not about me.

However, if you want some bespoke artwork or 3D-CGI, feel free to contact me at grim at otterstow dot com for a commission.

Samples of my work can be found on my sketchbook page and my 3D-CGI page.

I charge very reasonable rates.

Please respect my copyleft when downloading any content.