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First off, this fabulous little web-censor thingy was drawn by Amber Panyko, who draws this lovely web-comic.
If you need a web-rating for your web-site, you may download this one or any of the other ratings here.

Now... On to business. If you're under 14, you shouldn't be here. Go fetch Mom or Dad and ask them to read the guidelines below before you start reading my webcomic or e-book.

Okay, from this point down, only Moms and Dads should be reading.


I mean it.

Okay Mom or Dad, here's the scoop.

I have two daughters, so I understand your concerns. I told my younger daughter that she could read the book when she turned 13. I sort of reneged on that because I was still polishing it, but...

But I also understand that it's very unlikely that we share the same standards, so this page is an outline of things you might want to know before deciding if your child can handle all this. The best way to make a decision would be to read the book (you can download it here), but as it's well over 300,000 words, I can appreciate that you might not have the time.



This page is intended for parents who wish to judge if this material is age-appropriate for their children to read. In order to accomplish this, I will have to divulge some of the plot.

Here's a list of possibly objectionable material that is in the e-book and will (eventually, maybe, one day) be illustrated.

- There is very occasional swearing. "Motherfucker" is used once and "cunt" twice (once as 'coont'). That's the the worst. There is a recurring non-word, "sif", used many times and you might ask what it means. There's no answer to that question. I just made it up. As it turns out, 'Sif' (with a capital 'S') is a Norse goddess; she is the wife of Thor and goddess of the home. I had no idea this was the case when I made up the word. Sif just sounded rude. And no, it has nothing to do with the disease - that's with a 'y' and a 'ph'. This might be a good time to have a discussion about what makes a word "bad."

- There is some casual marijuana use and it's looked upon as normal activity. In the world of my characters, it is legal; tobacco, by the way, is outlawed. There is also some implied use of hard drugs, but this is looked upon as dangerous and illegal.

- The word "penes" is used. That's the plural of penis (just in case you forgot). By the way, did you know that it also means "tail" in Latin?

- There is some implied sex between adults and in one instance (p 568), it is explicitly (yet delicately) stated that a female is fondling a male and he becomes aroused, using those terms. Their activity stops there (as the female passes out).

- Another spoiler alert. Two characters on the first page, Grace and Simon, are 14 years of age. There is a scene with implied sex between them on page 94.

- Looking at the first page, you might think the characters are anthropomorphic animals, which means animals shaped like humans, but they're not. They are zoomorphic people, i.e. people shaped like animals. There are several occasions where there is implied sex between some human characters and these people. This is not bestiality. Bestiality is sex between a person and a beast. The characters are not beasts, they are people. They talk, they're literate and they pay taxes, just like us. They're just a little... hairier.

Okay, that's pretty much it. I think if your child is 14 or older, then it should be okay, but I wouldn't want to presume - it's your choice.

I would like feedback on what you think is an appropriate age limit for my book. To give me some background on how to weigh your opinion, if you would be so kind as to let me know:

  1. If you have actually read my book in its entirety (or what parts you have read).
  2. If you would let your child read "Romeo and Juliet" and "Catcher in the Rye".
  3. If you have children that can read.

Questions? Comments? Fears? Hassles? Trepidations?
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