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Stuff on Paper
Everything in this part was actually drawn on paper. Color may have been added digitally. Some are as early as 2002, when I first started drawing in earnest (at the tender age of 40).
Thaddeus WhinnsBrocc, an Angry Badger.
Mechanical pencil.
Jess absentmindedly scratching her right boob whilst having a drink.
Mechanical pencil and colored using PSP with an optical mouse.
Grace explaining to Simon about a mysterious crank.
Scanned from an inked pencil rough.
Rachael examining her tail. Looks just fine to me...
Mechanical pencil.
Rachael and Clare together. They're *supposed* to be identical twins... hmm... I've always wondered if a Rabbit would do rabbit-ears on their friends/family when posing. I still don't know, because, Rachael and Clare are not Rabbits - they're Hares. BTW, Rachael is on the left.
Mechanical Pencil.
I had a really tough time visualizing Linda's head structure. I even went so far as to make a life-size clay model of her face and sketch from that - this is the result. Still having trouble, as you can see.
Mechanical pencil.
The inimitable Linda, dragging her romantic and reluctant prospect, Steve, to parts unknown (to him at least).
Mechanical pencil.
Jess tormenting Iggy once again. I like the sentiment of this picture, but I think I made Jess' legs way too long. I fixed that in the color version, however.
Mechanical pencil.
Jess gaining Ig's attention in the only way she knows how - by tormenting him. Except for the painful aspect on his ears, he honestly doesn't mind.
Mechanical pencil.
Geoff ThistleBoar rendering a non-verbal opinion on some topic or other. Despite its simplicity, this sketch is one of my faves.
Mechanical pencil.
Clare MarchHare - one of my better drawings, especially for an earlier work. Quite pleased with how it came out.
Mechanical pencil.
Paulus giving Annette a, erm... hand with the beer. Sadly, I had to blue-line Annette in cold blood. Maybe in one of the sequels, though...
Mechanical pencil.
Typical domestic bliss at the Black Kettle pub. Annette (bluelined) and Paulus.
Mechanical pencil.
Desiree makes an anatomical comparison between her hands to those of a typical Vulpan.
Mechanical Pencil.
This scene originally took place in Liza's living room and now takes place in a restaurant. A colorized version in the section below.
Ink and paper.
Thaddeus on stage with Geoff doing the Angry Badger bit.
Ink and paper.
This is probably one of the better roughs I did of Linda during my early days of drawing.
Ink and paper.
An early concept sketch of Ignatius. This was before I thought of having him wear a lavender ascot.
Pencil and paper.
Simon about to do what every Dog does when told to stay - he runs away.
Ink and paper.
An enthusiastic Linda meets Steve Green.
Ink and paper.
Simon being exposed in the kitchen cupboard as Angus reaches for a jar of olives.
Ink and paper.
Simon comforting Grace in a graveyard after a big scare.
Ink and paper.
Pete serves a pint to Thaddeus, who has had a hard day.
Ink and paper.
Dawn mentions some bad news to Ignatius as the children file out of The tr.
Ink and paper.
Linda about to catch Ignatius unawares.
Ink and paper.
Desiree meets Ignatius in a deleted scene.
Ink and paper.
Grace jumps on Simon's back to get a peek out of the window.
Ink and paper.
The original sketch where Clare meets Jim.
Ink and paper.
Nothing to do with the story. Just a young Squirrel getting a piano lesson from a Fox.
Mechanical pencil and paper.
Grace points out that the cabinet is expanding as Simon turns the crank.
Ink and paper.
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Bar Staff

There was a period of time where I did a lot of travelling and, thus, spent a great deal of time in hotels that had (or were near) bars. I practiced drawing using the bar staff as unwitting models. I always showed them the result and I asked if I could post them. These were all drawn on a convertible table pc.
I always tried to guess at the "Inner Animal" of my subjects. I drew Alberto as a Tiger and then he informed his last name was Leon - well, I was close... So I redrew it.
Millrose Restaurant, Haufmann Estates, IL, 2005
Brian mentioned that he was a baseball player.
Queen Anne's Revenge, Daniel Island, SC, 2006
Kelly as a Hare, shaking her stuff in her low-riders. Sadly I can't remember the place although the time was April of '06.
Whereabouts unknown, 2006
Meet Alex and George. They were not romantically involved at the time (at least with each other). For the life of me, I can't remember which one is Alex and which one is George.
The Dolphin, Newbury, Berkshire, UK 2005
No, not the Carla from the TV show "Cheers". Where I drew this completely escapes me.
June 2006
Jan was a most excellent waiter. Here he was demonstrating the proper way to hold a wine glass when serving, so as not to leave fingerprints on the rim.
Hilton Garden Inn, Toronto, 2006
Karen was an excellent barmaid. I distinctly remembered her enthusiasm. Her boss should pay her more.
Millrose Restaurant, Haufmann Estates, IL, August 2005
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Some Early Experiments with Digital Media

These are digital drawings, some of which are not in the text or are scenes that have been edited or deleted. Most of these are early attempts at digital media drawing with a mouse (yes, I attempted to draw with a mouse).
Jess tormenting Ignatius in her own special way. She's just about to let go... now! Sploosh! Ig goes for a swim. Done with about 4 photos doctored together and the characters drawn with an optical mouse. Linda with a big man between her legs.
Digital tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro.
This scene originally took place in Liza's living room and now takes place in a restaurant.
Ink on paper, colorized with Sketchbook Pro.
Poor, lost Evangeline Proudfoot (a girl with hair of extraordinary redness) points the way to some help.
Digital mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
This is a scene that was later deleted. Pete (formerly Paulus) and Geoff are at the fete and Geoff is trying to win a plush bear when Pete notices an unscrupulous barker.
Optical Mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
Annette is excoriating Jess to keep a civil tongue in the pub as Ignatius looks on. Annette was later written out of the story, and the scene was re-written with Pete in her stead.
Optical Mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
Ig, Tad, Rachael, Clare, Geoff, Slide and Pete discuss iconic symbolism. As one does.
Optical mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
Geoff doing a trick with a plate that is uniquely his own.
Digital tablet PC
Simon almost being caught in the cupboard.
Ink and paper, colorized with optical mouse and Sketchbook Pro.
Geoff consoles Linda. This scene was written out of the book, but Linda is sad because Steve is unavailable and Desiree is kind of a dangerous girl to cross (not that Linda would do such a thing). Geoff assures Linda that Steve will soon become available.
Optical mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
Ignatius and Clare having a discussion on the train home from Trinova (which looks suspiciously like London). There's an error in the scene, as Ignatius' sash should be broken and his shirt torn.
Clare's book is "The MetaPhysical Ursan".
Optical mouse with Paint Shop Pro.
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Better Digital Stuff
Some good stuff that might make a good desktop or wallpaper.

Please consider a small donation to Camfed.
Nora (rhymes with "hurrah") is the home of Ignatius. Its cellar is basically a warehouse for alcohol. Who's paying for all of this hooch remains a bit of a mystery.

This makes a nice desktop.
He took his pint and moved to a large, empty table.
After a few minutes, he observed Sandra as she walked into the Kettle ...

This is the first panel of page 43. I use it as my wallpaper/desktop.
I have been informed by one of my alert readers that Sif is not only the wife of Thor , but it is also a (now defunct) Swedish union of clerical employees. This is Linda touting their logo (she's the town clerk, after all). I have since discovered that "sif" is also:
- a Danish football club
- a Norwegian handball club
- used in fracture mechanics and
- a free boat ride.
It is also a number of other things, all of which are capitalised and thus not "sif".

This a logo for the fictitious Writing (pronounced "Ritting") Football Club.
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Illustrations from the eBook
All of the pictures in the illustrated version of the e-book at full-size, along with a snippet of the text.

A very rough map of The Kingdom.
Paint Shop Pro X.
A map of Otterstow with important locations and the homes of the major players. Please be courteous and respect their privacy.
Paint Shop Pro X and Sketchbook Pro.
p 17, Do I Look Like A Bunny!
800x692, 50K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

Pete's face fell at the mention of the announcement. " Me? I ain't 'er dad," he protested. "Do I look like a Bunny?"

"As you have resided in the same residence with her mother for more than a year and there is no other adult male, you are in loco parentis."

"You can call me crazy all day long, but it still don't make me her dad," Pete objected.

p 40, The Balcony at Nora
1350x1100, 994K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro
Background rendered with Blender

It was a clear night, so Ignatius suggested they retreat to the balcony on the second floor. It faced north, overlooking the canal just beyond the expansive yard.

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p 54, Clare Meets Jim
1350x692, 814K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"I'll be glad to help you with your research today, Miss Clare. But I will be needing your notes, if you wouldn't mind."

"Notes?" she echoed, still somewhat in a daze.

"Yes, miss. The ones in yer, erm . . . hand. I presume."

Clare looked down her cleavage where her hand was still firmly lodged. "Thatwouldbethisthen," she mumbled as she handed the list to Jim.

p 80, Linda Gooses Ig
1350x850, 741K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

He leant just slightly forward, elbows on the table, with his head propped on his hands, as he lazily scanned the plans.


"YIP!" Ignatius jumped so high in surprise, he nearly hit the ceiling. Landing on his feet, he turned with an astonished look on his face to see Linda, smiling evilly with her tongue sticking out.

"Linda OakSquirrel! Is it your usual habit to greet people by grasping their buttocks unawares?"

p 91, Simon In Cupboard
762x800, 226K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Oh, aye, gie's a jaur o olives, wadja!"

"Richt!" Angus called back. He went to the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of bottles of beer and then went to the cupboard. He abruptly pulled the curtain back revealing a stock-still Simon.

"Excuise me," Angus said, reaching for a jar, then closing the curtain and trundling off to the master bedroom where his friend Kenny sat, watching television.

p 140, Johnny PrIgel
2400x3150, 325K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Absolutely," Johnny answered, pulling the arm on the tap to fill the glass. "News about our little runaways?"

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p 146, A Civil Tongue
1350x1315, 600K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

Pete slammed his hand on the bar in front of Jess, genuinely startling her.

"Miss FrFyxe," he said quietly through a smile that showed perhaps a few too many teeth. "We keep a civil tongue in our 'eads round 'ere...

p 192, Sandra and Slide Call Simon
1350x11050, 890K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro


"Sandra! You'll attract attention!" Slide warned.

"That is the general idea! Are you going to join me or not!"

Slide sighed heavily, but still, he stood by his wife and raised his head.


"I feel like a complete and utter prat," Slide said, lowering his head for breath.

p 225, Geoff's Plans
1350 x 2086, 862K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro, Blender for props and shadows

"However, to the left, is the brand new staircase to the basement, with a stable door ..."

"A stable door?" interrupted Ignatius. "Surely we wouldn't put an unstable door in a room filled with children, would we?"

p 276, Plaese Come Home
1350x900, 853K
Characters: Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro
Background: Modelled and Rendered with Blender

"I don't know if you've noticed, Steve, but 'please' is misspelt," pointed out Ignatius.

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p 281, Hodge Revealed
1350 x800, 572K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro, Blender for background

Underneath the floor was concrete and, pressed into the concrete, when it had still been plastic, were the remains of a human, just as Jess had stated. As the corpse was wearing a suit, the only visible parts of the body itself were the side of the face and a hand, with desiccated flesh tenuously clinging to the skeleton.

p 293, Jess' Professional Position
800x960, 1200K
Optical Mouse, PaintShopPro

"I never said I worked for him," Jess protested. "Although I freely admit that most of them have higher moral standards than I ever did. However, I also like to think I spent a great deal of time and effort in higher education so that I could assume a professional position that didn't involve hands and knees."

"Spoken like a true solicitor," Ignatius complimented.

p 302, Dawn Finds the Cabinet
800x960, 850K
Background modeled and rendered in Blender
Character drawn with Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

There are an awful lot of humans about. Why aren't there any Frith? she wondered to herself. And why don't I recognize any of the buildings?
Then a car whizzed past followed quickly by another.

Dawn's eyes widened considerably. At this point, she decided that she had seen quite enough and didn't want to see any more. She quickly and quietly went back to the cabinet, down (and up) the stairs and into the basement of The tr. Shutting the door to the cabinet, she put her back to it as if to ensure that nothing would follow her through it.

p 314, Perpendicular Universe
1350x1600, 631K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro, Blender for beer mats

He then tore a slit in each beer mat, halfway through, and stuck them together so that they stood at right angles with each other, one horizontal and the other vertical, forming something that was roughly spherical in appearance.

"Oh, sort of like a plan and an elevation on a blueprint," commented Geoff.

"Right," Steve said. "Now, if I'm a two-dimensional ant, living on the horizontal beer mat, I could only walk on the edge." He ran his finger along the edge of the horizontal beer mat. "But, if I turn at just the right point," his finger went to where the edges of the two beer mats met and now traced the edge of the vertical beer mat, "I can now be on the vertical beer mat. Of course, there is a slight change of direction."

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p 345, Ig Napping at the Canal
1350x850, 883K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

Two hours later, Ignatius was snoring slightly on the canal bank with an empty pint glass in his hand.

p 400, Geoff and Desi Bonding
1350x1100, 580K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

Geoff turned her hand over and spilt a drop of blood from the scratch onto the bare floor where no tiles had yet been laid.

"Here, get some mortar on your trowel," he said.

Desiree scooped a little mortar up and held it.

"Spread it down on the floor, like you always do."

She spread the mortar on the floor, covering the spots of blood. Geoff handed her another tile. "Right, now put your tile down."

As Desiree fitted it into place with the spacers, she asked Geoff, "Is there a point to this?"

p 329, Jess saves Angus
1350x1100, 550K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

Deep backstage, in a dark corner, yet still light enough to see if one was patient enough to allow one's eyes to adjust, Angus sat at a small table, his hand supporting his chin. He stared at a little wooden box, silently contemplating his future or lack thereof.

"I thought. . . "

"Gah!" Angus shouted, grasping his heart. "Losh, Vixen!"

" . . . I might find you here," Jess finished calmly.

"Hou'd ye smook up on me like 'at?" Angus asked, amazed. "I didna hear ought!"

"I'm a Fox," Jess explained, patiently. "It's what I do."

p 483, Sandra
2400x3150, 428K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

She strutted into the lobby wearing thigh-high boots, a miniskirt, a halter top, and a little red cape with a hood.

Pete whistled. "Wha-hey! 'Ello, darlin', new in town?"

"Oh, stop it, Pete," Sandra blushed, tugging her skirt down a bit.

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p 503, Grace and Simon Sneak into a Church
1350x1900, 596K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro
Some background with Blender

"It's got loads of benches. Must be some sort of meeting hall or town theatre," Grace mentioned. "I wonder if they do Portrayals like we do. Look, there's the stage, up..." Her voice stopped cold. Simon followed her gaze.

Grace screamed. It was magnified by the echo of the large room and was surprisingly startling. Simon desperately tried to put his hand over her mouth to get her to stop but she kept going, pointing to the hideous sculpture she saw above the stage. It was of a human, a ring of thorns piercing his head at a hundred points, with his hands and feet outstretched, nailed to a cross of wood and in obvious agony.

"Simon, look! They must be horrible barbarians! This is where they torture people!"

p 520, Gina
610x800, 46K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Wouldn't you now?" Gina appraised the state of her vessel, found it to be satisfactory, placed it back on the shelf and grabbed another. "Y'know. I've heard rumours about the human lads."

"Rumours?" asked Clare. "What kinda rumours?"

p 528, Desi and Thaddeus Fighting
1350x1600, 1100K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Excuse me," Ignatius said angrily, "I certainly hope you're not fighting."

As one, the pair looked up to see Ignatius, arms akimbo and looking very upset. Behind him, the sound of a dozen pair of boots found somewhere else to be besides looking out of the window.

"Oh, erm, na, na. Isna like 'at a'tall!" Thaddeus quickly denied.

p 549, The Lonely Unicorn
1350x1200, 550K
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

And so it was that the little UNICORN had no one to play with.

Eric pouted and shuffled to centre stage and, at the last second, ripped off his horn, threw it on the ground and stomped on it several times.

Returning home, he seeks the advice of his mother.

"Mummmmyyyy!" Eric yowled, wringing his eyes, although technically it wasn't in the script.

Enter UNICORN MOTHER to stand behind UNICORN

Dawn entered the stage wearing the same little horn as Eric and stood next to him. Although substantially taller than he, it was patently obvious that she was not nearly old enough to be his mother. Thus, she was given some costume that helped encourage the image. The less obvious part was that her mane, which was tied in a bun to make it appear more matronly, was also dusted with flour to affect grey hair. The more noticeable element of the disguise, however, consisted of two balloons, positioned in the lower portion of her shirt, barely above her abdomen. Breaking from character herself, she pointed to the trodden horn that was still on the floor. Eric folded his arms and stomped his foot. Dawn sternly pointed at it again and Eric petulantly picked it up and strapped it on.

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p 581, A Wee Scar
1350x1500, 1M
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Oh, thank Jack," she sighed, putting her head on his shoulder. "Oh, thank Jack," she repeated as she began to weep.

"Ah, poor dearie, got yersel a wee scar," Angus said as he stroked her head to comfort her. He heard her start to snivel a little. "Na fears, is awrite, dearie, is awrite."

Jess began to bawl uncontrollably.

p 607, Ignatius at His Interview
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro
Stool rendered with Blender

"Excuse me," Ignatius said politely yet sternly, "are you insinuating that I am wearing a mask?"

"I'm not insinuating it," Anna retorted. "I'm stating it as a matter of fact."

"I must say," Ignatius said, feigning offence, "I feel rather affronted."

"Oh, do you?" asked Anna sarcastically.

p 571, Dawn Admonishes Chris
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"Chris! That was very rude! You apologise this instant!" Dawn scolded.

"I'm sorry," Chris whimpered, pawing at the ground with her boot.

p 628, A Photo for a Blind Priest
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

"I don't wish to sound selfish," Grace began, "but what would you want with a picture?"

"Well, just humour an old priest, if you would." He leant forward and said in a conspiratorial tone, "I'd like to show some of my friends who's been helping me along all this time."

"All right," Grace agreed, almost laughing. "I've done things more daft than giving a photograph to a blind man."

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p 666, Fauvel's Jump
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro

In most serious accidents, the amount of time from when one realises that one is about to be in an accident and when the accident actually occurs, is usually quite short, thus there is little time to react. On this occasion, however, Simon and Grace had several seconds notice that they were about to be involved in a serious, probably painful and possibly lethal mishap. Grace held tight to Simon and said simply, "Goodbye." Simon remained speechless.

Fauvel, however, had other ideas. She was a mare in her twentieth year far from the prime of life but she was damned if she was going to let herself get run over by an overpriced sedan of foreign origin.

Canter, canter, canter, crouch and...

Fauvel jumped over the railing, right in the middle of the bridge. From the point of view of the road they were on, it was an easy thing, even with two riders, as it was no more than a few feet high. However, on the other side of the railing, it was another matter. Even on her very best day, Fauvel could not have jumped as high as it was from the canal to the bridge, which came to roughly fifteen feet. Fortunately for her, the laws of gravity tend to work in one's favour when one is going down, which was definitely the case. Unfortunately for Fauvel and company, the impact of the ground from a fall at such a height, particularly for a horse, could have very severe consequences.

p 682, Linda's Morning Tryst
Tablet PC, Sketchbook Pro
Background and shadows rendered with Blender.

Linda entered the basement of the Rialto from the cabinet and crossed the floor. Climbing the stairs, she approached a window that was within easy reach. As she had done several times before, she tripped a small switch to disable the burglar alarm and then opened the window.

As it was half past five in the morning, the sun was just broaching the horizon. They had chosen this time for their assignations, as there would be daylight, yet the small road next to the basement window would be devoid of human activity, except for the occasional car.

"Good morning, Stevie," Linda chirped, resting her head on her arms, which were folded on the window sill.

Steve, who was standing on the pavement, two yards away beyond a chainlink fence, turned around and looked down at the window. "Hello, Linda. How's tricks?"

"Haven't turned any lately," Linda replied.

Donor Art
My previous policy was that for the first 100 people who donated, I would provide a bespoke, illustrated version of the e-book. Part of the 'bespoke' part was a unique drawing on the flyleaf. These are the ones I have done so far.
Apart from the fact that it would have taken me 83 years to get a hundred donors, I have discontinued the practice. But, it is also so that British citizens can get a tax exemption for their donation.
That said, if you ask nicely, I might draw you a little something, as long as their is no quid pro quo.
An Arctic Fox in a Swedish hockey kit.
Can an Arctic Fox get a black eye?
I get a lot of hits from Sweden, for some reason. And my first donor, way back in SEP 2009 was Swedish!
Fox's mercantile gave their pint of blood, you should too.
Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz
Catnose © Vas Littlecrow.
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Fan Art
My original policy was that I would not accept fan art. I was pretty new to this website thing and I thought I might open myself up to all sorts of issues about hurt feelings and censorship.
Well, to heck with it. If you want to send fan art, knock yourself out.
I won't guarantee that I'll post it, but I will send my heartfelt thanks.
Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz (catnose.com) drew this lovely picture of Sandra in her Halloween outfit.
If you want the picture in its original size (presumably for printing) click here. I should warn that it's about 10 Meg!

In Memory
   I was greatly saddened to hear that Sandra, the lady in real-life who was the inspiration for Sandra StppenWylf, The Good Mother, passed away recently, at the age of 61. The other character in the drawing is, of course, Steven "Slide" HolenWulf, who was inspired by Sandra's real-life husband, Steven.
   All told, I probably exchanged less than a few hundred words with her in conversation, and yet, she left an indelible impression.
   I drew this image in 2008 when I learned of her first diagnosis of cancer.
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