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First off, this fabulous little web-censor thingy was drawn by Amber Panyko, who draws this lovely web-comic.
If you need a web-rating for your web-site, you may download this one or any of the other ratings here.

Now, about the story...

Allegory is a perpendicular universe to Reality. Despite being separate, there is some 'leakage'.

Allegory is the genesis of fable, populated by the descendants of the Foxes, Hares, Bears and Boars and other characters from Aesop and La Fontaine. Centuries after being written, their lives and ethos still revolve around these tales - albeit somewhat altered from our versions - which are portrayed for schoolchildren as part of their education. In the small town of Otterstow, the occupants lead rather ordinary lives where they work, rear their children, pay their taxes and perform Portrayal Duty. Their lives are much like ours, with dreams and hearts that can be won or broken.

The story begins with Simon StæppanWulf and Grace ParsleyHare, two teenagers in a forbidden romance. Whilst exploring a cabinet in the basement of the village theatre, they suddenly find themselves trapped in the world in which our Dear Reader lives, namely, Reality. On that side is the formidable Rialto, an indestructible, yet derelict theatre on the verge of demolition.

It falls upon the pompous and somewhat naïve mayor of Otterstow, Ignatius HaliFox, to retrieve the pair. This is no small task, as there is the general, although far from unanimous, belief that Reality is just a bogey-man story to frighten children into behaving and, paradoxically, it is legally forbidden to enter this world that most believe is non-existent.

Their efforts are exacerbated by a heroin junky, his Machiavellian father, a Vixen from the very uncivil Civil Enquiries, the local extortionists, a century-old corpse and a few Otterstonians who have a rather dim view of humans.

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