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    It seems like Clare's stock is going up on the Ignatius Exchange. Of course she's doing that by browbeating Thaddeus, a stockbroker.

    This took quite some time to accomplish. I had to draw eight characters for the first panel and I had to draw Ignatius and Sandra three times each for the animated .gif in the second panel. I just hope that it was worth it. I also hope the animation works. By the way, you can download the full-sized animation on the sketchbook page.

    The picture is actually a .gif file overlapping a .png. That explains the kind of ugly picture quality for the animation. Unfortunately, the code for the overlap causes a big gap under the pictures that I can't seem to get rid of. If any of you can produce the code that would rid me of this inconvenient gap, drop me a note at grim at otterstow dot com and I'll be grateful no end.

Drawing completed - 18 JUL 2010
Drawing posted - 18 JUL 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 74
Black Kettle Pub

    He briefly watched as Clare held her own against Thaddeus and several others at the bar.

    Quite the rebel, Clare, he observed silently.

    He took his pint and moved to a large, empty table.

    After a few minutes, he observed Sandra as she walked into the Kettle
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