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    Not much luck in opening the box.

    It's been a while since I posted a page. I had taken a hiatus to finish the illustrations for the illustrated book (which one may download for a small donation to charity).

Drawing completed - 04 OCT 2010
Drawing posted - 04 OCT 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 75
Black Kettle Pub

They summoned Pete and all three came to sit with Ignatius.

   "Any progress?" Ignatius asked.

   "Nothing," Slide sighed in frustration. "I spent all my time scouring the attic and the cellar, trying to find something in a diary or the like from her Old Man Simon - with no luck, I should add."

   "I tried bangin' away at it wif a maul a dozen times," Pete added. "Just bounces right off. Don't even leave a mark or nuffin'!"

   "I don't know who built that monstrosity, but it is absolutely seamless," Sandra moaned rubbing her eyes in frustration. "I couldn't find a crack wide enough to stick a scalpel into. And that lock - there's nothing to pick. It doesn't even have a keyhole. There aren't any numbers or moving parts or anything. It's like it's there just for decoration."

   "I did find a little something," Ignatius said quietly.
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