Grace and Simon sitting at the canal

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This page probably took me over 100 hours. I drew it with a mouse (before I had a tablet) and there was a pretty big learning curve with PSP. As I'm an engineer, I had to experiment with every possibile setting, thus taking four times longer than necessary to do the work. I like how the body language played out, with Grace leaning forward to hold Si's interest. I also like how Grace turned out generally, but Simon looks a little boxy.Still, I'm pretty happy with my first effort.

Drawing completed - 23 OCT 2005
Drawing posted - 10 DEC 2008

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1330
Page 1
Otterstow Canal

"Reality? Give over, Grace. I wasn't whelped yesterday, you know," Simon StęppanWulf protested as he sat on the grassy embankment of the canal that flowed through Otterstow on a warm, mid-June afternoon. "If you want to share a spliff with me, just say so. You needn't wind me up."

Simon was a fairly typical Wolf, or Lupan. Not quite fully grown at fourteen, he was five-eight with his ears down (a rare event as he was very even-tempered), although he was in the midst of a growth spurt that would end after a few more inches if his father was any measure. He had a typically grey pelage throughout, including a long, curly fex covering his scalp and a white ventral area.

"I didn't say it was the way to Reality. I said it might be. C'mon Si, come have a butcher's, please?" Grace ParsleyHare prodded. "Besides, I want you to be there too. I'm afraid to go it alone."

Grace was barely five feet with her ears down. She was covered in nearly pure-white fur from head to toe although she was not an albino, as she had green eyes. Her fex was also pure white and formed into a loose plait which reached halfway down her back.

"Nah, just can't be arsed, honestly," Simon answered. "Besides, the last time we smoked in the basement I got all woozy and could barely walk - and you couldn't stop giggling," he said as he dipped the end of his tail in the water.

"I didn't exactly hear you complaining," Grace noted. "Besides, I don't wanna do that." She looked about and cast her foot-long ears around, trying to detect any eavesdroppers. She lowered her voice to a furtive whisper and moved closer to Simon. "At least not now. Look, I found something in the basement."
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