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    Thaddeus thinks he has the most to complain about, when he actually runs a distant third. It is a part of our nature that we usually think we have it worse than almost anyone else.

    This page is unique in that it's a 'mixed media' of a talking head (Geoff) and 'something besides a talking head' (Slide doing his Portrayal as the Big Bad Wolf with Linda). And yes, I recycled a little bit from the scenes at The tré yet again. I don't know why - it takes maybe five minutes to draw the set and the children, which is longer than doing the copying and pasting.

    Just some reminders on the text:
- Being shaved in Allegory is considered a humiliating (yet physically painless) punishment.
- The "Common Beuk" that Thaddeus refers to is the Common Book of Portrayal, which is a complete set of scripts for all of the Portrayals.

Drawing completed - 06 JUL 2010
Drawing posted - 07 JUL 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 73
Black Kettle Pub

    "Sa we may as well do what we will," Thaddeus stated. "Be ourselves. I mean, we're shaved if we dis an shaved if we disna - well, at least I am, onywey."

    "Hmph. Try being a Pig, sometime," Geoff commented. "Oo, sorry. Boar, make that."

    "Or the Big Bad Wolf," added Slide. The others nodded at his suggestion, acceding that he had the strongest complaint of the three. Slide, although not quite as good as Miss Goody's Good Dessert Goodies, ran a very close second.

    "Right. Sa if we dinna meet the image o the Common Beuk, then shave the bastards!" Thaddeus proclaimed.

    The chatter of the Black Kettle digressed into other conversations that Ignatius didn't care to participate in. This was partly because he had had enough for the moment but it was also because he was hoping to talk with the parents of Simon and Grace.
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