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    Thaddeus presents the crux of his point. He feels that playing an Angry Badger reinforces the stereotype of Badgers being angry, but he still does so out of his love for the children, his beliefs and "The Beuk". Geoff inserts a little topic changer that we'll explore next week.

Drawing completed - 17 MAY 2010
Drawing posted - 19 MAY 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 66
Black Kettle Pub

    "Oh, aye," Thaddeus agreed. "Consistency! That's what the Beuk dis well for the bairns. They're needin that stability, that fastness."

   " "But you were complaining that you didn't like being the symbol that Badgers portray," Clare pointed out.

   " "Aye, I dinna like it," Thaddeus answered, his patience thinning. "But I dis it all the same, for the sake o the weans I care aboot."

   " "But what if the character is a symbol of change?" asked Geoff.
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