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    I managed to get away from the 'talking head' scene this time. I was thinking about what Ignatius was saying where the children get confused about symbols. Speaking from experience, children can think up some very exotic ways to get confused. You give them what is a fairly straightforward statement and they'll figure out a legitimate way that it can be misconstrued. They're gifted that way.

    So, here's the scene. Dawn is teaching her charges about symbols and she holds up a card with a symbol. The students are to hold up a card for that animal that represents that symbol. Apparently they thought that they were supposed to hold up the card of the person that they love. So the Bear loves the Squirrel who loves the Fox who loves the Hedgehog who loves the Hare who loves the Horse who loves the Bear. Sort of a six-sided love-triangle - if a triangle could have six sides, so I guess that makes it a love-hexagon.

    Artistically, I'm rather proud of myself for this one. Even though it took ages, I drew all of the characters without any 'assistance' from the renderings. That darn Bear took forever.

Drawing completed - 10 MAY 2010
Drawing posted - 12 MAY 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 65
Black Kettle Pub

    Ignatius paused in thought as his tail swirled about. "I suppose it's doable. But it might take substantially more than the usual paperwork. I'd have to get some support from the . . . We're straying from the point, here. How did this thread get started again?" Ignatius adjusted his waistcoat in thought. He looked pensive for a second or two and flicked his brush to clear his mind.

    "Symbols," reminded Linda.

    "Ah, yes, symbols," Ignatius recalled. "Yes, the point I was trying to make earlier is that, as Clare has so eloquently stated, the characters we portray are symbols. And for that reason, our Portrayals to the children have to be consistent. If we were to change roles frequently, then we wouldn't be very good symbols, would we? The poor children would get mixed messages and become all confused and have trouble understanding what the Portrayal is supposed to be about."
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