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    I honestly think Rachael knows the meaning of 'inanimate'. She's just putting Clare on the spot for using big words.

    Although there are talking heads here, I did manage to sneak in a little extra visual (moon shot courtesy of NOAA). Apparently the crescent moon doesn't think much of being told that he has no brains and is gesturing as best he can for a personification without any hands. And for all of you thinking of things to say about phases of the moon and mood changes... Shame on you. Just... shame!

Drawing completed - 23 MAY 2010
Drawing posted - 26 MAY 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 67
Black Kettle Pub

    "Whatcha mean by that?" asked Thaddeus.

    "Well, there are some symbols of change," Geoff answered. "The tides . . . the moon . . . "

    "But that's different," objected Clare. "They're inanimate."

    "Not only that, they ain't alive," added Rachael as Clare sighed patiently. "They ain't got no brains nor 'earts nor nuffin' to decide what they wanna do, do they?" She nodded to herself in agreement.
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