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    Pete extolls Tad's drinking habits, while Tad continues his little whinge about being labelled.

    If it seems I'm cramming a lot of text in, you're right. There's a lot of dialogue during this part of the book, but it makes an important point. Sadly, the best I can do for images for most of this rather protracted conversation is show a little expression on the talking heads (with the occasional bit of cheesecake). Thus, I want to get through this fairly rapidly (it should take about three months, I think).

    Sometimes, I can include something else besides just a talking head, but probably not too often in this conversation.

Drawing completed - 27 MAR 2010
Drawing posted - 31 MAR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 59
Black Kettle Pub

    Pete continued, pretending not to notice Linda's little coup. "In fact, Tad, ya do drink quite a bit here. An' despite bein' a full six stone lighter, I daresay ya could easily out-drink the average Equan wif a minimum of effort."

    "That's enough, thank ye," Thaddeus said, wishing to list his other virtues. "An although I have a moderate temper, am no tight, an very sociable, I am ayeways portrayt as ithergates. Why dis I ayeways hafta be the bad guy? Why izzit ayeways 'Badger was so rankled that he swore and stamped his feet,' eh? Have I iver swore? Iver?"

    "Yes," was the unanimous and simultaneous reply of those at the bar.

    "Aye, fair enough, then. But I niver stamps ma feet, no eva."

    Everyone about the bar looked at each other, nodding in concession.

    Ignatius spoke, breaking the lull. "Well, in principal, we do agree with you, Tad, but what can we do about it? I mean, that's the image you're supposed to portray."
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