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    Getting a response out of the normally unflappable Ignatius is no small achievement, but Linda manages with great style, as Geoff gets a giggle out of the whole affair.

    Linda needs to be careful with that tail before she whacks someone in the head.

    In case you're wondering a dysphemism is the opposite of a euphemism. Whereas a euphemism is a pleasant term for something unpleasant (e.g., 'passed away' for 'dead'), a dysphemism is a term that is unnecessarily derogatory or unpleasant. Why, you might ask, would 'piece of pork' be considered an unpleasant term? It is if you're the pig it's made from.

Drawing completed - 21 MAR 2010
Drawing posted - 24 MAR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 58
Black Kettle Pub

    "Oh, come now, Geoff," Linda called across the bar, "you've always been my favourite piece of pork."

    They were all the very closest of friends and, as friends do, they would taunt and jibe at the other's weakest points. Linda's remark, although spoken to Geoff was directed at Ignatius. Knowing that the mayor was obsessively civil and polite, she had a gift for turning a phrase that could scandalize, without being overtly vulgar. The double-entendre, although obviously sexual, was also a reference to Geoff as a domestic animal, specifically raised for the sole purpose of being eaten. It was the latter meaning which was actually more offensive.

    Geoff, however, was not the one offended. In fact, he snorted in amusement as he observed Ignatius flinching from distaste at Linda's dysphemism.
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