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    Geoff is playing a game of political "gotcha" while doing a glass swap with Rachael. This is the first time we've seen Geoff as himself. He did appear previously in the Portrayal, but just as an actor. His font was not his own on that page. However, this is not the first time his font has been used. It was also used by the engineer who consulted with George MacAleister.

    I had a hard time coming up with a Genra for Boars. The genera for swine in general is Sus. This is similar to Bos for cows. As cattle are generally referred to as "bovines" or the sapient version of "Bovan", it was a logical step to call the Boars "Suvans." Mice, having genera Mus, would therefore, be "Muvans."

    This is also the first time I rendered a window in the Black Kettle. It took a good bit of work to make a background for the windows, even though it's barely noticeable or recognizable.

Drawing completed - 17 MAR 2010
Drawing posted - 17 MAR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 57
Black Kettle Pub

    "Oh, aye, I'm juist a Melan," Thaddeus protested, "I canna drink like a Horse, can I, but poond for poond . . . "

    "Yeah, pound for pound, o' course," Pete conceded. "The Pigs are pretty good drinkers . . . "

    "Hey, man! That's 'Suvan,' if you please," objected Geoff ThistleBoar. Geoff, at sixty-six, was older than the other regulars of the pub and the hair that covered his body was nearly half white from age. His mane, which was braided from the front of his forehead, down the length of his back still maintained the darkness that it had in his youth and was still thick and full.

    "Suvan. O' course. Sorry, 'bout that," Pete apologised, although not sincerely as Geoff was smiling.
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