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    Thaddeus is extolling his social virtues.

    Although Linda didn't have a speaking part, she was sitting there earlier and it felt kind of awkward to not have her there, even though it could be explained away as "she went away for a minute." Besides, she's a lot of fun to draw.

Drawing completed - 10 MAR 2010
Drawing posted - 10 MAR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 56
Black Kettle Pub

    ...hoping to avoid the all-too-familiar family argument. "Maist o all, I must object ta the idea that I'm some sorta recluse. I love the company o ma mates. I'm in the pub wi the rest o ye's naurby ivery day. Why, I must have the largest bar tab in the hale town, eh Pete?"

    "Well, no," Pete DunBerr corrected as he polished a glass. "Now, if ya exclude Horses an' Bears o' course, but then again . . . "
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