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    Thaddeus continues his grievance to Ignatius, who politely dismisses his case.

    'Sleekit' is Scots for 'sly' or something along those lines. A 'lee', of course, is a 'lie' - as in an untruth, not a reclension on a sofa. 'Syne' is 'since', as in the song "Auld lang syne'. Finally, 'bairns' is 'children' which comes (I think) from the same word as 'bear', as in 'to bear a child'.

Drawing completed - 02 APR 2010
Drawing posted - 06 APR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 60
Black Kettle Pub

    "An what aboot you?" Tad countered. "Ye're ayeways seen as bein sleekit an deceitful. An ye couldna tell a lee ta save yer tail!"

    "True, but I'm not whining about it, am I?" Ignatius pointed out. "Now Tad, we all know that you're not the character you portray, nor are most of us. We can't do anything about it, so let's have another round and talk about something else. Otherwise, you'll just get your hackles up and aggravate your ulcer," he suggested.

    "Well, who says we canna do nought aboot it? I mean ta say, who says I have ta be cantankerous an reclusive an you have ta be the sly cheat, eh? Why canna we change, eh?" Thaddeus was becoming emotional. "We shouldna be deemed by the stripe o our fur, but by the character o our deeds an the truth o our words. We been telt sa syne we were bairns."

    Ignatius thought this was an odd statement coming from Thaddeus given his blatant disdain for humans. However, Ignatius decided not to pursue the matter at the moment as Thaddeus was already in an irritated state.
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