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    I've never actually changed a diaper on a Leveret before, but I'm fairly certain that lifting them by the tail is not the appropriate method.

    At this stage, the girls are nearly a year old. Gina's brother left quite some time ago and, as is usually the case for someone who gets dumped on, there's a lot of paper-work involved for the dumpee, namely Gina. At this time, Ignatius was at law school, otherwise he would gladly have helped. Regardless, it took nearly a year before the adoption came through and that was the day that Pete arrived.

    I imagine the job interview went something like this:
Gina: Private suite and twelve fortnight.
Pete: Twenty.
Gina: Done.
Pete: And I don't breastfeed.

    At this point, I'm sure Gina would probably have made some witty retort about how even her breasts wouldn't be big enough to accommodate. Pete, of course, was implying that he would help with the babies, except for the one obvious way that he can't.

Drawing completed - 20 FEB 2010
Drawing posted - 21 FEB 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 53
Black Kettle Pub

    Within a span of a few minutes, he was holding Rachael in a fresh pair of nappies, whilst pulling a pint for punters in a peaceful pub. As Gina powdered Clare, she looked on in wonder at the Ursan, who was indulging Rachael's singular curiosity of the taps.

    Although care and feeding of the girls was not specifically mentioned during his job interview (which lasted for approximately a dozen words altogether), over the years he had diapered, washed, fed, clothed, advised, punished, consoled, encouraged and entertained the twins. Not once had he been asked to do any of these tasks.
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