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    Still back in the '80s in this one. A confused Gina, in her overworked state, has exchanged bottles. A much younger Thaddeus is exploring the possibilities of cream drinks whilst Clare (or is it Rachael) is about to get their first taste of the grape.

    I've come to a(nother) major decision on the format of the pages. I've been pretty happy with my artwork, but when I look at the finished product on the web page, I think, "Gee, that looks awfully small. I can barely make any of the details that I spent hours on."

    You may have noticed that I abandoned the practice of writing over the artwork quite a few pages ago. Well, that has returned. It wasn't an important rule, but I decided to try to see if I could do without it - I could, but it doesn't suit my purpose any longer. I want my details to be more visible, even if it also shows some of my flaws. This also means that, for the most part, I'll be drawing one frame per page.

    This brings about a few advantages. First, fewer words make it easier to keep up with what's going on. That's what each page should be - just a splash of image with enough text to move the story an iota further along. We all have only so much mental energy in a given day.

    Also, with this format, I think I could easily do two pages a week. When I get a sufficient buffer, I'll try to go for three.

    The one down side is that I'll have to 'discard' a drawing I was planning on using. Oh, well, I'll post it here. Enjoy. It's Pete throwing out the two pugilists. See his foot?

Drawing completed - 17 FEB 2010
Drawing posted - 16 FEB 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 52
Black Kettle Pub

    Gina had been in the habit of keeping the twins in their cots while serving at the bar and on this particular day, whilst being rushed off her feet during a lunch crowd, two punters decided to start trading blows just as the twins began crying. Realising Gina was at her wit's end, Pete sprang into action.
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