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   Ah, sibling rivalry.

   I do have siblings, but no twin. I've been friends to quite a few twins, though and most were quick to point out that they were individuals, with different opinions, tastes and goals in life.

   None would admit to any sort of telepathic abilities.

   Even though Clare and Rachael officially made their debut last week, they get a full-body portrait this week. There also seems to be some ambiguity about Clare's hair color. Yes, Rachael can actually stack her (full) pint glasses and carry them with her eyes closed as she thumbs her nose and sticks out her tongue. She is the uber-barmaid. Clare will have to settle for being the clever one - something she is readily willing to live with, I assure you.

Drawing completed - 15 JAN 2010
Drawing posted - 27 JAN 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 49
Black Kettle Pub

   Clare and Rachael MarchHare were identical twins and, not surprisingly, had identical faces and a healthy height at five-eight (plus the usual extra foot for the ears). Their pelage was also of identical colouring, being a medium grey with a white ventral area from the throat, downward. Those three characteristics and their ages were the complete extent of their equalities.

   Despite being identical twins, or perhaps because of it, Clare and Rachael MarchHare rarely agreed on anything. It was almost as if they were in a contest to demonstrate to the world how different they could be from each other in order to establish themselves as individuals. Rachael was substantially brawnier than her sister, who was very bookish and not inclined to much physical activity. Rachael wore her fex in sort of a rakish pixie-cut that was obviously bleached (and occasionally dyed) from the natural match of the grey fur on her body; Clare wore her fex long, straight and simple, combed to the back, with its natural, dark grey colour. Rachael also had a penchant for lots of trinkets and jewellery (mostly ear piercings - after all, a Hare had lots of ear to pierce), whereas Clare rarely used either. Having come of age only two short years ago, they were now barely eighteen and were just beginning their Portrayals for some of the simpler fables.

   Technically, the twins were cousins to Grace ParsleyHare; in practice, they were sisters. The three girls always referred to each other as the latter and also referred to Gina as their mother. To the three teenage girls, that was the end of the story.
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