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   Clare and Rachael make their debut as Thaddeus grumbles about PD. Although their fonts are different, I kept their font colors the same.

   I think I should apologize for the color scheme of the background. When I look at it, I suddenly have an urge for some neapolitan ice cream.


Drawing completed - 12 JAN 2010
Drawing posted - 20 JAN 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 47
Black Kettle Pub

   "You?" asked an astonished Clare. "Like children? This is news to me."

   "Oh, aye," confirmed Thaddeus. "All the bairns, ivery one. Is a treat ta hear 'em gigglin away. Isna the weans a'tall what shaves ma arse."

   "No, wouldn't be," Pete observed. "Not tall enough. So . . . what then?"

   "I am sa scunnert o playin the bad man. I declare, I dinna knaw why I put up with it. Juist the once, I'd raither the role o the kindly, youthful saul I am, no this 'cross and angry' stuff."

   "Youtful?" Pete blinked. "Not bein' unkind, but yer older'n me."

   "And I, as well," Ignatius added.

   "Juist by a month or two," the Melan defended.

   "And it is the role o' Badgers, generally speakin'," Pete pointed out.

   "Juist ma point, an isna fair, izzit?" Thaddeus WhinnsBrocc complained. "Okay, I'll free admit; I'm a Badger, an I may have a wee bit o temper . . . "

   "A wee bit?" Ignatius interrupted. "Tad, be fair."

   "All right then, a middlin temper," Thaddeus admitted. "But there are a lot o things I'm no. I'm no mean."

   "No fault there," Rachael MarchHare declared. "Buys me an' Sister a drink nearly every day," she added, referring to her twin sister Clare.

   "'Sister and me,'" Clare corrected. "And only after we've bought our rounds."
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