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   Thaddeus explains why he dislikes PD - that stands for "Portrayal Duty", in case you've forgotten. And it's not the PD itself that Thaddeus dislikes. Oh, and "Con" is Scots for a Squirrel. Linda may be many things, but she respects the law.

   I changed the format of the pages from portrait to landscape, in case it escaped your notice. I reasoned that, if I were ever to produce paper versions, the print could be either. But most computers have landscape monitors, so I thought it would look better if the picture filled the screen.


Drawing completed - 04 JAN 2010
Drawing posted - 13 JAN 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 47
Black Kettle Pub

   Those who knew Linda usually used the word 'flirt' in their description of her, typically preceded by words such as 'shameless,' 'brazen,' and 'unabashed.'

   "Ah, gerroff, ye shameless Con," Thaddeus laughed.

   "Give us some sugar, first," Linda ordered.

   "Ah, for Jack's . . . " He relented and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she jumped to her seat, next to his. "Ye're such a fur-blur, Linda, ye are."

   "Don't see you complaining," Linda taunted. "Except about your PD - like you're the only that has to do it, you big whiny-baby."

   "Na, isna the PD - is the travellin atween the office an here what's got me jeeked. Is over far ta juist take the half-hour for lunch. I hafta come here ta eat, set aboot two-three hours, do ma PD an then back ta the office for four hours. I'm no away hame 'til nearby seven!"

   "Still - the PD just makes it worse," Pete conjectured.

   "Na, 'tis the high point o ma day," Thaddeus protested. "Is gaun back ta the grind what brings me doun."

   "Honestly?" asked Pete, handing him his pint.

   "Oh, aye."

   "You actually like PD?" asked Linda.

   "Is a right dawdle - well, isna quite like a douk in whisky. An I must admit, there is one flee in the aintment."

   "Ah, now we get to the troof," Pete said.

   "Dinna misunnerstaund, Pete. I do love the weans . . . "
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