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   Thaddeus finally reappears and, at long last, the inimitable Linda.

    Thaddeus looks a little girly. He looked even more girly when in my roughs, but I gave him a bigger jaw and a slightly wider head. But his head is only so big, so there's not much I can do...

Drawing completed - 10 OCT 2009
Drawing posted - 10 OCT 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 46
Black Kettle Pub

    Thaddeus dragged himself into the pub and sat wearily on a stool, which squealed in protest. He was not a small Badger and fat was a very tiny percentage of his constitution. He had the usual black and white markings of his Genra, along with some grey due to age. Being just slightly older than Ignatius, his muzzle was also beginning to show hints of white. He kept his fex short, nearly as short as his fur, causing him to look almost feral, an effect he actually desired, as it looked somewhat intimidating.

    "Pete?" he beseeched the Ursan behind the bar.

    "Pint of?" Pete DunBerr asked, grabbing a glass and filling it before being answered, thus making his own question rhetorical.

    "Ta be refilt 'til skailin time, if ye'd be sa kind."

    Linda OakSquirrel climbed onto the back of his stool, wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and ran her substantial tail around his waist. "Aww. Is ickle T'addums all shagged out fwom 'avin' to do his PD? Hmm?" she asked in a little-girl voice. "Maybe ickle T'addums just needs a good shagging out to makums feel better?" she teased, giving his pectorals a squeeze.

    Linda was just under thirty, very fit and proportioned well, despite being short, although at four foot four, she was of average height for a Sciuran. She had crimson fur, except for the cream of her front and a few darker highlights here and there. Her long fex, a darker red nearing carmine, was long and plaited, hanging down her front over her shoulder to the side of her ample breast.
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