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   Hmmm... so where is all this alcohol coming from? Ignatius, being a solicitor, should be in the habit of reading what he signs, one would think.

    I'm starting to like the 'faded edge' on the pictures. For one, it allows me to write on something besides the picture itself, and thus resort to putting 'clouds' under words where the contrast isn't all that good. Also, it just looks less cluttered.

Drawing completed - 19 SEP 2009
Drawing posted - 30 SEP 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1730
Page 45

    Within the confines of Otterstow, Nora's cellar was legendary. From the stone floor to the rough-hewn rafters, stood racks of bottles and stacks of barrels of every imaginable form of alcohol known to brewer, vintner and distiller, from all corners of the world.

    Despite this boon, Ignatius took most of his drink at the Black Kettle pub, where he willingly paid for it, as he preferred company with his alcohol. And though he would certainly partake from the contents of the cellar on a regular basis, the vast majority was actually consumed by his constituents. Reasoning that they had paid for it to begin with, he regularly entertained.

    Every month, without fail, the drinks distributor would drop by to do an inventory and to top up any missing supplies.

    "No, not at all," Ignatius dismissed. "What's the score this time?"

    "A bit light this time. Just a few bottles here and there. Already put in the allotment from last month. Sign here?" the Erinac offered the clipboard.

    Ignatius signed at the bottom. "Sorry we can't be a better customer."

    "Oh, I daresay the fewer bottles, the better," the Erinac suggested. "Next month, then." And with that, he waddled off, not giving Ignatius time to question him about his unusual statement.

    His clock chimed and, noticing it was half-past seven, he decided that he should soon make a move to the Black Kettle, as the parents of Grace and Simon might wish to discuss any new developments.

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