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Poor Ig - it's all he can do to open a can of tuna somedays.

It might look like I 'recycled' some of the renderings but if you look carefully there's a small difference in each pair. At this stage, I've almost (but not completely) given up on drawing backgrounds, so I use Blender to render them. Still having a little trouble with Ig's orange fur color, but that will straighten up soon enough.

Drawing completed - 18 DEC 2006
Drawing posted - 27 MAY 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1405
Page 26
The tré basement

   His tail flew about in an agitated manner as he pondered how to approach his problem.

   None of the staff would know how to open it - they've only been here for the few years. Who would know, then?

   Liza might know,
he conjectured, thinking of an elderly neighbour. She knew Mummy and Da for yonks.

   I wonder what's on the other side of that thing. I suppose it could be Reality - oh, there you go, being a sifwit again.

   Still, there must be something beyond that cabinet. Let's see if I can find out what it is.

   Ignatius then employed any artefact in the basement that he could find that even slightly resembled a tool to pry, hammer or wedge the cabinet to move in the slightest. His efforts were, in a word, fruitless.

   Two hours later, standing over the cabinet, out of breath, he tossed the spatula that he had been employing as a chisel to the ground and muttered, "Oh, stuff it. I'll never get this thing open. I need a drink."
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