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Nine panels! Whew! Oddly, you can see that I 'hand drew' the basement in the first frame and rendered them in the last frames. I didn't render the outside of The tré, but I did use CGI for proportion and perspective (it's hard to tell because of contrast, but Iggy is tipping his hat to the Almas). Can you spot the copyright? It's not in the margin this time. I think my biggest fault was being inconsistent with the color of Ig's orange fur. However, I have, by this stage, completely abandoned line-art. If you look at my characters (and any other objects) they're not surrounded by a line, as in most comics. I'm not saying this some great indication of quality, it's just a style that I was trying to adapt because it's my personal preference.

In case you're wondering, the word under the magnifier is "Revero". It's Remun (or Latin) so feel free to look it up.

Drawing completed - 11 DEC 2006
Drawing posted - 20 MAY 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1405
Page 26
The tré basement

   Ignatius stood ramrod straight in thought, his tail thrashing about as it usually did when he was deep in contemplation. The voices might have been some of the local children, in which case it was a very serious matter that he would have to attend to immediately. On the other hand, they might have come from somewhere else entirely. He knew all the old stories about Reality; the party line had always been that they were just to scare the children into behaving. But he also knew that there was a basis for all mythology and Reality was no exception. Even the Pedestra Charta*, the very basis of natural law for the entirety of the civilized world, mentioned it. The document was thousands of years old and it was pretty much all business, not given to digressions such as chronicles of fantasy or descriptions of preposterous creatures. These facts, in Ignatius' mind, meant there was something more than whimsy to the Charter's allusion to Reality.

    Regardless, he knew that his first priority was to get into the cabinet somehow. Suddenly, the scuffling of two-score tiny feet above him announced the end of the Portrayal. It was usually his custom to wait outside the door of The tré as the children returned to the primary school, so he rushed up the stairs and to his post just in time to see the last child out. Nodding a quick acknowledgement to all of the adult participants for a job well done, he quickly returned to the cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. Once again, he grabbed the lock and gave it a tug. Once again, he was no better off.

   Ignatius knew full well that he was not very inclined toward the mechanical workings of the world. Thus, when he gathered the nearest object that vaguely resembled a haft and whacked the cabinet with it in the hope that it might magically open, he mentally slapped himself as he looked at the broken candle in his hand. Don't be a sifwit, he told himself as he threw the candle to the ground in frustration. Use your brain, lad.

    * Commonly known as the "Pedestrian Charter" or, more simply, as "The Charter." Please note capitals.
All material copyright Grim, 2009. No unauthorized use. Survivors will be prosecuted.