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Grace has a cunning plan - or not. At any rate, she knows how to lead Simon around with just the right words. By the way, in Allegory, having one's head shaved is a common punishment for doing something fantastically stupid, thus a bald head is a source of great shame.

I confess, not one of my better pieces art-wise. I was having some issues with using CGI as a crutch so I decided not to use it this time and just draw 'from scratch'. That, and I was in a hurry. And any other excuse I can think of.

Drawing completed - 30 OCT 2008
Drawing posted - 13 MAY 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1405
Page 25
Rialto Basement

    "We were gone a week. And when we returned, they were so glad to see us, they never said a word and we didn't so much as have to stay in our rooms."

    "You weren't punished?" asked Simon incredulously.

    "No. Were you?"

    "They shaved my head, if you recall!" he protested. "Took ages to grow back. It was nearly two months before it was back to anything normal."

    "Oh I though you just wanted short hair. I had no idea. They didn't properly shave it though, they just cut it short."

    "Still, wasn't like no one noticed."

    "I didn't," Grace answered with an honest face, if not an honest heart.

    "You didn't?"

    "No. I thought you looked as lovely as ever," Grace said with an honest heart.

    Simon smiled. Grace always said the nicest things to him.

    "So we're agreed?" asked Grace.

    "All right, then. But just the week and then we go straight back."
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