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On this page, it was the first time I used 3d 'mannequins' as guides to draw Grace and Si. I should have stuck with my instinctive drawing ability as this looks kind of contrived and artificial, in my humble opinion. Honestly, it's one of my poorest renditions of Grace to date. Oh, well - all part of the process of the learning experience - sometimes you take a step backwards. It also took forever.

Grace, of course, is working herself deeper and deeper into trouble. Simon, of course, will follow along.

Drawing completed - 29 AUG 2007
Drawing posted - 06 MAY 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1405
Page 24
Rialto Basement

   After just a few seconds of observation, she remarked, "Shave me, Si! This is Reality!"

   The two of them kept their worm's-eye vigil for a few minutes and then dropped back down and sat on the box, looking at nothing in particular.

   "I think we should go back," Simon said.

   "There's no going back now," Grace replied. "I mean, if our parents caught us doing something a bit naughty together, it might be grounding for a month and no telephone. But this! Going to Reality's against the law! We'd go to prison - or worse!"

   Simon considered Grace's perspective. "But we didn't know we were going to Reality. It was just an accident. Besides, we'll have to go back eventually - we can't stay here the rest of our lives."

   "Okayokayokay," Grace was thinking hard for a plan. As was usually the case when she was plotting something that wasn't entirely above board, her ears began to sag forward. "Right. Got it. We hide out here for a week. When our parents don't hear from us for a day or two, they'll be angry. But after a week, they'll be hysterical. Remember when we ran away together, last year?"

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