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I used Blender to do some of the backgrounds on this page.

Generally, I was pretty pleased with the results, although a lot of the smaller details could be hidden by the darkness.

Drawing completed - 19 OCT 2006
Drawing posted - 29 APR 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1405
Page 23
A Tunnel Under the Basement of The tré

    Grace investigated the chain a bit. "Oh, yeah. There's a hook in the wall and it's come loose. Close the door for a tick."

   Simon complied and that gave Grace just enough slack to pull the chain off the hook. "All right, you can come out now," Grace stated.

   Simon ventured out of the cabinet and the pair of them began to explore the expansive basement.

   Perhaps by coincidence, or perhaps by the force of some higher power, a basement terminated each end of the passage through which Simon and Grace had just fled. By further coincidence (or not), each basement supported a theatre. On the one end sat The tré, a modest venue, well-loved and meticulously maintained. At the other end, stood the imposing Rialto, a dramatic stage, now well past its heyday and subjected to the ignominy of dereliction.

   Grace took great interest in opening the many crates, trunks, chests and boxes that were scattered throughout the room, whilst Simon’s curiosity leaned more towards the exterior of the building. Thus, he pushed a crate to stand beneath a window as Grace rooted around the debris.

   Simon climbed onto the container and wiped the grimy glass with the cuff of his shirt, which only resulted in a dirty cuff. With some effort, he undid the hasp and managed to open the window. All of the sounds of the street just a few yards away were suddenly very noticeable and Grace, having rather keen ears, noticed them. She bounded onto the crate, bringing herself to stand next to Simon in the hopes of a glimpse. Unfortunately, she was a little too short to see out of the window and, after a couple of hops, which resulted in all-too-brief viewings of the outside, she decided to use Simon as a ladder.

   "Piggyback, Si."

   "Right," Simon said unceremoniously, bracing himself for the landing, as Grace jumped onto his back and he grabbed her legs to hold her up.
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