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A complete change of scenery. We are now in Reality, away from Ig, Gina, Sandra, Pete and Slide. You might recall that the Rialto is the building that Grace and Simon are hiding out in - oh, no!

George is an important character throughout the story, so he gets his own (rather boring) font, which you can download, of course. Since the engineer only makes this minor appearance, his font is 'borrowed' from one of the characters (not saying who!). Bertram Proudfoot never actually appears but is mentioned several times.

A nice page, even though only two people show up (without their faces). Lots of visualization instead of just the usual set of talking heads.

Drawing completed - 31 JAN 2009
Drawing posted - 03 JUN 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1500
Page 28
MacAleister Estate
George MacAleister considered himself a captain of commerce. He was used to things going according to plans, as long as they were his plans. He fumed as he stood over the blueprints. "So what you're telling me is that we cannot demolish the Rialto?"

   "No, Mister MacAleister," replied the engineer. "What I'm telling you is that it will cost more than the property is worth to demolish the building."

   "But . . . why?" asked MacAleister.

   "The Rialto was, to put it mildly, built to last. I daresay that Stonehenge would have a rough time of it competing with the Rialto as to which would collapse first."

   "Can't we just . . . burn it down?"

   "Only if we wish to break the law and endanger the public. Besides, much like Stonehenge, there's nothing to burn; it's mostly steel and concrete."

   "Then use dynamite. I've seen you people use it on buildings larger than this. A few well-placed charges here and there and the whole thing collapses like a house of cards," suggested MacAleister.

   "We are professionals, Mister MacAleister," the engineer stated. "That was, in fact our first consideration."


   "The amount of charge required to collapse the Rialto would shatter every window for a half-mile radius. I don't know who this . . . " the engineer took a moment to read the name on the original design plans, "'Bertram Proudfoot' is, but he completely overdesigned this building. If it hadn't been built over a hundred years ago, I'd've sworn it was an air-raid shelter. It has hardened steel I-beam struts and re-barred concrete spans every . . . "
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