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Lots of action going on here - Grace jumping over the boxes, the cabinet collapsing, candles and a matchbox flying through the air... At this stage, I was still drawing the characters with lines and coloring them in.

Grace obviously came prepared, squirreling away the matches and candles beforehand - clever girl!

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 14 JAN 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1355
Page 8
The tré basement

It is generally considered undignified and puerile for a Hare of over a few years of age to hop, but Grace had little time for dignity. Thus, she hopped onto the boxes, over some rubbish, and straight to the cabinet door, which she swung open.

"So what's in there?" asked Simon.

Grace stuck her head in some more. "Dunno, can't see bugger all."

"Grace, this thing is heavy," Simon complained. "I'm gonna have to let go soon."

Grace removed her head from the door. "All right, let it drop."

Simon released the crank and the cabinet dropped to its previous height of a few feet, silent as smoke, blowing puffs of dust.

"We need candles," Grace stated. She rummaged through a box and instantly produced several tapers, along with some matches.

"You put those there earlier, didn't you?" Simon said.

"Course I did. Don't be stupid.
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