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'Hooked' indeed!

I really liked the body language in this particular page, even if the quality of the drawing leaves a little to be desired. I can't say that I'm any better at drawing today, but I endeavor to try.

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 21 JAN 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1330
Page 9
The tré basement

Now, we have to find a way to hold this thing up whilst we go inside and explore."

"Explore?" asked Simon. "How can we explore? It's only two feet deep."

"Oh, no. It's much deeper than that. I can see in at least ten feet."

"Ten feet? Do you mean to say it's some sort of secret passage?"

"'Pears to be, yeah."

Simon was hooked. "Right. I'm game." He glanced around the room as he formed a plan. "Look, we've a few timbers about. I'll crank it up and you lodge the boards under the rim, near the top of the cabinet. That should hold it up." He waded through the rubbish and retrieved some boards and gave them to Grace. "Right. I'll crank up the cabinet again."

Simon wound up the crank and the cabinet ascended to its full height once more. "Right, now wedge that board under the ledge near the top."
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