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My daughter particularly liked the little margin drawing where Si is having his tummy rubbed by Grace (in the upper right) - I guess content rules in that particular case. I'm still kind of in line-drawing-mode and I was just never happy with drawing an outline of a character and filling in the color; to me, it just looks too much like a coloring book. The 'thought ballloons' are something you won't see a whole lot of in the future, either.

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 07 JAN 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1355
Page 7
The tré basement

Most Wolves would have bristled at the insult of being associated with a common house pet. Simon, however, found it very endearing when it came from Grace and could never resist her requests when she took such a bold stance. It made him appreciate that theirs was one of those special relationships that allowed bickering over trivial nonsense and sarcasm of each other's deepest foibles without hurt feelings or scores taken.

"Woof-woof," he replied as he squeezed himself into the tight area they had cleared and began to turn the crank. "Bloody heavy," he complained.

"Now, look over there," Grace pointed to the cabinet.

Simon looked while holding the crank still. "Don't see anything."

"Turn some more."

Simon turned some more and saw the cabinet rise higher than the debris that was hiding it. "Shave me! Look, the cabinet's growing up!" He turned faster in his excitement, watching it unfold like a concertina until it reached its fullest height of nearly seven feet.
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