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This page has a lot of panels. This time, I took some care with the art work and I think it looks pretty good for my sixth page. I spent far more time on the layout than I did with the actual drawing, as I recall. Still - not a bad page, imho.

Drawing completed - 29 JUNE 2006
Drawing posted - 31 DEC 2008

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1355
Page 6
The tré basement

Grace crawled over some dusty boxes, with Simon following.

"Look, there's this crank in the wall, just behind the shelf. Here, help me shift it, and I'll show you how to open it."

Simon helped her move the shelf a few feet over to gain access to what appeared to be a blank wall.

"There's no crank there," Simon protested, looking at the wall.

"It's behind the panelling," Grace said. "Watch." She ran a furry finger along the wall and found a spot. "Look, here's a little opening. Watch this - it's hinged." She gave it a little push and a flap of panelling, roughly a foot square, popped out. Grace eagerly opened it, revealing a well-greased, cast iron crank.

"That's incredible," Simon gushed quietly. "How'd you find that?"

"Just by accident. I was looking for something and I just bumped against it."

"What were you looking for?" asked Simon.

"My stash. I hid it in here somewhere, but I couldn't quite remember where."

"You know, you're smoking far too much," Simon objected.

"What bollocks! Mum and Dad smoke loads more'n me - and the twins do as well."

"But they're all adults," Simon pointed out.

"Just a silly rule they made up," Grace dismissed. "Look, that's not important right now. Just be a good Doggie and turn the crank."

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