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Still kind of developing my own style on this one, at least for the top panel. Not bad, all things considered. The bottom part was a bit of a bear trying to fit in all the words, but I like the 'chalk board' effect. You'll see that anvil a few more times.

Drawing completed - 15 SEP 2006
Drawing posted - 24 DEC 2008

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1330
Page 5
Otterstow Canal

Now Simon's curiosity was aroused. "If it needs two people then how'd you open it?"

"One person can open it, but it takes two to see what's inside."

Simon gave this statement some thought. He was one of those rare and truly gifted people who, despite being very clever, would be the first to sincerely admit that they are not. Despite this, Grace's description didn't quite sink in. "Sorry. Don't follow that at all."

"Come to the basement with me and I'll show you."

1355 – The tré Basement

Einstein's special theory of relativity hypothesises that matter gains mass as it approaches the speed of light, thus gaining inertia. Sometime after Mr E's announcement, an obscure domestic physicist pointed out that this change in inertia pales in comparison to that of matter stored in attics and basements, where the gain in inertia (with 'inert' being the operative root), is proportional to the amount of time the matter has spent in one place multiplied by the number of people who have access to the facility. Secondly, these sites attract inert matter, much like a black hole, except they are not nearly as tidy. Thirdly, the amount of debris expands to fill the allotted space. Finally, as with any entropic phenomena, it takes an incredible amount of work to reverse the process.

These principles, named for their creator, are called "Clutter's laws."

With nearly a hundred people having access and being over two hundred years old, the basement of The tré was a textbook example to Dr. Clutter's tenets, as it had acquired the typical accumulation of junk and lumber that these laws of nature would require, which only an explosive effort could shift. Although they had no idea that such was the case, Grace and Simon were about to spark this metaphoric explosion, as they managed to get into The tré minutes before the afternoon Portrayal, which took place at two o'clock.
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