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Another half-effort. This is one of those times I'm glad no one knows who I am. I even recycled the background from page 1. Hang on, though. It gets better, IMHO.

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 17 DEC 2008

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1330
Page 4
Otterstow Canal

Smack! He had flicked his moistened tail on his hand, spraying Grace's face with water. Grace reflexively shut her eyes, but ignored what she considered Simon's childish attempt to get a rise out of her.

"Yes. I opened it . . . "


" . . . yesterday," she finished, hoping, in vain, that Simon had as well.


"Do you have a key?" asked Simon.

"No. It doesn't need a key," answered Grace. "But it does need at least two people to see what's inside. And stop that, it's juvenile."
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