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The story thus far...
    Grace and Simon, two teenage tearaways, have discovered a passage to Reality in the basement of The tré (a tiny theatre in their miniscule town of Otterstow). Unfortunately, they have accidentally trapped themselves and cannot return, although they don't seem to be in any hurry to do so.
    Ignatius (the mayor of Otterstow) suspects this is the case and has enlisted the aid of the parents; Slide, Sandra, Pete and Gina. None of the adults have figured out how to open the passage, which seems to involve a mysterious box.

What's going on right now:
    Grace and Simon are exploring the Rialto, which is the theatre on the other side of the passage.

About the page...
    Caught up in the exitement of exploring something new, something important has slipped Simon's mind.
    We're finally out of that damned pub! This is an exterior shot of the Rialto, which is the theatre on the other side of the passage. Yes, there is a theatre on each side - what a coincidence. You can see Grace and Simon peeking out of the window on the upper right.
    For those who may not recall, 'sif' is a non-word that is mildly rude.

Drawing completed - 06 NOV 2010
Drawing posted - 08 NOV 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2100
Page 85
Rialto Living Quarters

   Grace and Simon had wasted no time in exploring what lay on the other side of the tunnel. They soon determined it was a derelict, old theatre (apparently named the Rialto) with some comfortable, if unkempt, living quarters upstairs. After exploring for the remainder of the day, they didn't find anyone about but it was clear that the building was currently inhabited. It also had a ubiquitous stench of tobacco from cellar to ceiling.

   They were in the middle of their exploration when Simon suddenly recalled something important.

   "Oh, sif!" he grimaced, slapping his forehead.

   "What? What is it?" Grace asked, concerned. Simon rarely used vulgarity and when he did, she knew it was something important.
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