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    Thaddeus gets to the crux of the matter.

    Every so often, I will 'recycle' a little material. In this case, it's Thaddeus on stage.

Drawing completed - 15 JUN 2010
Drawing posted - 23 JUN 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 71
Black Kettle Pub

    we can but only be the best that we can be, otherwise." Ignatius finished, feeling that he finally got to finish his point.

    "Otherwise what?" asked Thaddeus.

    "Well, when we're not otherwise portraying," answered Ignatius.

    "You mean when we're no doin PD?" Thaddeus asked for clarification. "Sa, 'outside' o our Portrayals, we may do as we like?"

    "Within reason," Ignatius qualified. "You don't have to portray a symbol all the time. Just when you're portraying it."

    "Tell me this, then," Thaddeus began a postulate. "When dis our Portrayal get made? When is it made oot that Badger's guan ta stamp his feet, an when is it decided that Fox is guan ta steal the custard? When exactly wad that be?"

    Ignatius looked about the room. Everyone was staring at him, waiting for his answer. He shrugged. "Shave me if I know, mate."

    A few of the patrons murmured amongst each other. It was a rare day when Ignatius didn't know the answer, or at least have one.
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