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    Rachael and Clare embroil Pete in their discussion of Leopards. Pete quickly ends it.

    First of all, I would like to announce the debut of my assistant, 3y (pronounced 'Zoo'). She helped with the solids and the outlines and did a masterful job. She's developing her skill set and, over time, will be doing more and more of the artwork (I hope). Did I mention that she is my (very talented and beautiful) 14-year-old daughter?

    I took advantage of the girls being twins by mirroring their bodies. However, they are not exact mirrors. Rachael is a little brawnier and more (*ahem*) 'robust' than Clare, although I suspect a bit of 'false advertising' might be involved. Of course, she has stuff on her ears as well.

    I'm generally pleased with the expressions of the characters, particularly Pete and Rachael in the last frame (if you could call it that).

Drawing completed - 08 JUN 2010
Drawing posted - 16 JUN 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 70
Black Kettle Pub
Rachael turned to Pete. "'Ave we ever 'ad a Leopard in the Black Kettle, Pete?"

    "Wouldn't think so," Pete said. "Don't get many visitors in 'ere from the next shire, much less outside The Kingdom."

    "You don't have to see one to know it's a symbol," explained Clare, exasperated.

    "If ya can't see it, 'ow's ye know it never changes? Eh? Answer that one, li'l Miss SmartyCottonTail," challenged Rachael.

    "Enough, girls," warned Pete.

    Clare was a bit put out that Pete wasn't going to let her respond, but held her tongue. Rachael, however, observed no such decorum.

    "Well, she's such a . . . " Rachael didn't finish her comment as she noticed the look on Pete's face.

    "As I was saying,
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