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    In the third panel, I wanted to convey the concept of Ignatius being 'out of the loop'. I was drawing this during a hotel stay and I asked a gentleman working for the staff what color the loop should be. Without hesitation, he answered, 'Green.' With such a confident response, I could use no alternative. I later asked him what made him choose that particular color. On this, he did hesitate. Eventually he answered, saying that such decisions usually involve money and green, being the color of money (at least in the US) seemed appropriate.

    Spot on, sir.

Drawing completed - 19 JUN 2009
Drawing posted - 01 SEP 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 41
The tre' Basement

    "Honestly, Gina, I feel rather stung" Ignatius defended. "Have you ever known me to stoop to such perfidy?"

    "No, of course not," Gina apologised instantly. "You are the most honest and forthright person I've ever met. Forgive me - I'm just a bit nervous about Grace."

    "Thank you," Ignatius said. "There's an end to the matter. Now, as I was saying, if it came to be known that I enlisted someone to participate in a crime, I would be disbarred. Apart from losing my own career and throwing six years of uni down the drain, it would result in half of Otterstow losing their employ something we all wish to avoid, I'm sure. Thus, it is vital that we keep this under wraps and it is also vital that we act in a manner to limit any damage should we be discovered.

    "For example, one thing I could not say is 'Why don't you ask Geoff and just not tell me about it.' If I did so, I would still be equally culpable, disbarred, resulting in rampant unemployment et cetera. So, are we all clear on this issue?"

    They all silently nodded in agreement.

    "Very good, then. Now, Sandra, do you still wish to ask Geoff to help us?" Ignatius said.

    Sandra considered this for just a moment. "No," she finally answered with a contrived deliberation. "I don't, actually."

    "A wise choice. As for me, my efforts will be better spent using persuasion rather than force to open that box. If you make any progress using other methods, don't hesitate to let me know. Now, if I may?"

    There was no protest, so Ignatius trotted up the stairs and off to his home.
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