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    Only the first panel has a rendered background as the cabinet/box is the subject of discussion. In general I don't like the idea of doing 'talking heads' as you see in so many other comics these days, but I just didn't see the point of rendering the background for this conversation. I'm pretty pleased with my consistency now - although whether it's consistently bad or consistently good is entirely a matter of opinion.

    And if you've ever wondered about footwear, it appears that sandals are pretty popular, particularly in summer - except for Gina, who is barefoot. Ignatius, however, would wear boots to the beach.

Drawing completed - 24 MAY 2009
Drawing posted - 26 AUG 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 40
The tre' Basement

    "Thank you, Gina," Ignatius said. "Now then, if there's nothing further, I'm off. I'll either be at my home or the Kettle if you need me."

    "What about the box?" asked Sandra.

    "What of it?" replied Ignatius.

    "Ain't we gonna open it?" Pete asked.

    "I thought wed established that we dont know how," Ignatius said.

    "Cant we at least try?" Sandra urged.

    "Be my guest," Ignatius answered. "As a solicitor, my mechanical skills don't go much beyond a pencil sharpener. As such, I'll put myself to best use elsewhere."

    "Right, then, let's fetch Geoff down here," Gina suggested. "He's a builder; he'll know how to crack this box."

    "I'd think twice before doing consulting Mister ThistleBoar," Ignatius warned.

    "Why so?" asked Sandra. "Geoff could help us."

    "If our entering Reality, as you so adamantly insist, is illegal, then enlisting Geoff's support would make him an accessory," Ignatius warned.

    Pete scratched his head in thought. "He wouldn't have to go in or nuffin'."

    "If he helps in any way," Ignatius interrupted, "whether he knows what you're doing is illegal or not, he is an accomplice and, thus, culpable."

    "But this is an emergency," Sandra said pointedly.

    "Fine, please yourself," Ignatius waived. "And who will enlist Geoff to perform an illegal act? Any volunteers?"

    No one spoke.

    "I know it sounds rather selfish of me, but a large number of my constituency does rather depend on me for their employment - present company included, if I might be so bold."

    "Excuse me, is that some sort of threat?" asked Gina.
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