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    Gina and Sandra are recalling their childhood trip to the Rialto. If my parents had done that to me, I would have spent every available opportunity in trying to figure out how to open that cabinet - not to go to Reality (I'd be too chicken to do that), but just to figure out how to open the door. As an engineer, my life revolves around trying to figure things out without reading instructions. I'm pretty good at it, too.

    Sometimes I need to validate to myself that I can actually draw things without using CGI as a crutch (not that I consider myself as an artist). Gina and Sandra were drawn without any help from Blender and I think they look great. For reasons I can't explain even to myself, I felt no need to put a background in the second panel. The bottom panel was also done from scratch, although I used a virtual 'ruler' that Sketchbook Pro has recently added as a new feature. It lets you draw straight lines at any angle as defined by two points, showing the angle. I also used a 'compass' function that lets you draw circles and ellipses to map out the steps for the stairs. I doubt I could do it again if I had to.

Drawing completed - 28 APR 2009
Drawing posted - 12 AUG 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 38
The tre' Basement

    "I think this is painful enough," Ignatius suggested. "Any punishments would be pointless at this juncture."

    There was an uncomfortable silence.

    "I still can't believe you never knew, Ignatius," Slide said.

    "Oh, I didn't say I never knew," Ignatius admitted. "And the fact is I didn't - at least not for certain. As a child, I overheard a conversation that I have only fully come to understand scarcely an hour ago which suggested something of the sort. But it is true - my parents never told me anything about it.

    "Now that we have that out of the way, let's get down to the business at hand. Gina, Sandra - could you please open the cabinet? We'll go in and see if we can find . . . "

    "I have no idea how to open it," Gina interrupted.

    "Nor I," Sandra added. "Our parents specifically did not tell us how to open it."

    "Oh dear," Ignatius stated. "So, none of you knows how to open it?"

    They all shrugged.

    "Do you remember anything of what you saw?" asked Ignatius.

    Sandra and Gina looked at each other.

    "Well, it was some time ago," Sandra recalled. "I think I was ten at the time, if that. But, we went in. There's a staircase down . . . or up . . . down? Can't remember, anyway, at the other end, there's a cabinet."

    "Much like this one," Gina added.

    "Except we're inside the cabinet. We walk out and there's this enormous room, filled with all sorts of rubbish."

    "Also much like this one," Gina commented.

    "And maybe it's because I'm bigger now, but it seemed . . . " Sandra paused, unsure of herself. "The box seemed so much . . . bigger than it is now."

    "Everything seems bigger to me," Gina mentioned.

    "Anyway, after about, oh, a minute, we walked back," Sandra completed her tale.
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