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    Poor old Pete just can't catch a break. Although if he could keep his mouth shut, it might help. Slide's cryptic remark about hair-removal refers to the tradition of having one's head shaved as a punishment for stupidity in Allegory.

    I actually wrote something in the margins besides my copyright. It just seemed to be the right place to put it and I was feeling creative.

    I love the juxtaposition of enormous Pete with tiny Gina. You see her poking his tummy and even though you can see the tips of her ears, you can barely see Pete's collar. Then, when Pete speaks, you can just see the tips of Gina's ears. The down side is that this can make for some awkward camera angles as noted in an earlier page.

    I love the way the very last panel came out. It wasn't quite what I intended but that's the way art is - you try for something good and discover something wonderful.


Drawing completed - 18 APR 2009
Drawing posted - 05 AUG 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 37
The tre' Basement

    "As its other meaning is 'husband', I think we can use the process of elimination," Slide pointed out.

    "An' she only calls me 'old man' in the third person," Pete continued. "Unless she wants some dosh."

    "So you told her about the passage and you gave her money?" asked Gina, astonished.

    "If we might . . . " Ignatius tried to get the meeting back on track.

    "Just a pound or two," Pete defended. "An' if this was such a great family secret, Gina, why'd ya tell me?"

    "Regardless," Slide re-directed the discussion, "it appears that your Grace has led our Simon astray, once again. I thought we'd agreed to keep them apart . . . "

    "Slide," interrupted Sandra.

    "She's simply a bad influence on him," Slide continued, unabated. "She always gets him into trouble. I can't count the number of times he's tried to take the fall to protect that . . . "

    "Slide!" Sandra shouted.

    "Yes, love?" Slide answered quietly.

    "I . . . told Simon about the portal also. He was asking about Old Man Simon and his, erm . . . girlfriend."

    "You did what?" Slide asked, incredulous.

    "I made him swear to me not to tell anyone else," Sandra qualified.

    "So maybe it was your Simon what told our Grace?" suggested Pete, with a slightly smug look on his face although there may have been a small element of relief as well.

    "Don't think for one minute that you're off the hook," Gina warned Pete.

    Slide turned to his wife. "So, Sandra - what's it going to be? Shears? Razor? Depilatory?"

    Sandra removed her hand from her face just long enough to cuff her husband.

All material copyright Grim, 2009. No unauthorized use. Survivors will be prosecuted.