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The moment of truth - Sandra finally lets out the Great Secret That Everyone Knows. Or she tries to...

This whole page came out so well. I really wanted to include the debris from Ig's first attempt to open the cabinet with the spatula and broken bits and pieces and it just barely fit in. I also like the way Gina's elbow just sinks into Pete.

Drawing completed - 19 FEB 2009
Drawing posted - 22 JUL 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 35
The tre' Basement

    Gina nudged Pete, who looked off into a corner with an expression that suggested he might want to be somewhere else at the moment. Ignatius also noticed that Slide had a disappointed look on his face with his arms folded, while his wife, Sandra, was hiding her face behind her hand.

    "It all seems to revolve around this box, or bin, or whatever it is," Ignatius said.

    Gina ParsleyHare and Slide HolenWulf nodded curtly as Pete DunBerr and Sandra StęppanWylf tried to look inconspicuous.

    "Let me tell you what I know. Then maybe we can come to some sort of conclusion." Ignatius took a moment to recollect his facts. "While I was monitoring the Portrayal this afternoon, I overheard some voices from the basement. I came down to investigate and it was quite clear that they came from this . . . fixture," he said, giving the box a pat.

    There was more silence.

    "I'm fairly certain I recognised the voices as belonging to Grace and Simon," Ignatius announced, expecting some reaction from the parents.

    There was still no response.

    Ignatius continued, hoping he might avoid the inevitable and undesirable mention of the word 'Reality'. "I beseeched them to come out, but they fell silent and I could hear them running away. I then tried to open it, obviously to no avail. Now, the question I have for you is, do any of you know where this thing leads? Or, more importantly, how does one open it?"

    Gina pointedly looked at Pete and Slide stared sharply at Sandra.

    "No?" prompted Ignatius.

    Silence continued to reign.

    "Well, then. I suppose there's little more I can . . . "

    "It's an entrance to a tunnel," Sandra blurted out.

    "Is it?" Ignatius asked. "Do you know where this tunnel goes?"

    "It . . . it goes . . . " Sandra stuttered, visibly shaken.
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