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Now we have a more complete introduction of Gina (Grace's mother) and a full introduction of Sandra (Simon's mother). In case you can't work it out from the context (or don't remember me mentioning earlier), one's fex is the hair on one's head. There is so much hair or fur all over everyone's body, I had to make a new word just for the hair that grows out of the head and is much longer than the rest of the fur - it comes from Old English 'feax' (which means the hair on one's head, oddly enough).

At this point I was starting to use 'mannequins' more frequently to help me with proportion and also to cast shadows for the background when I rendered them in Blender. As usual, it will take me a few tries to get Sandra, Gina and Pete just right, although Pete is pretty simple, so maybe a bit sooner for him.

Drawing completed - 07 FEB 2009
Drawing posted - 15 JUL 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1640
Page 34
The tre' Auditorium

    Ignatius stood in the middle of the auditorium of The tré. Grace's father de jure, Pete DunBerr and her mother de facto, Gina ParsleyHare, were waiting with him, as they had arrived first. They had enquired of the nature of this rather urgent and mysterious meeting immediately upon arriving, but Ignatius deferred their questions until all parties were present.

    Gina ParsleyHare, like her daughter Grace, was mostly white, except for some darker tips on various points, which included her ears, eyes, muzzle, toes, fingers and certain other parts. However, her tail and fex were white, the latter being evident to all, as she was very short, at four and a half feet.

    Simon’s parents, Sandra StęppanWylf and Slide HolenWulf arrived. Whereas Simon favoured his father in build, face and an unruly fex, he obviously got his colour from his mother, who was of the same colour scheme, but with a long straight fex in contrast to Simon's and Slide's curls. She was Simon's current height, thus being shorter than Slide, and quite fit.

    "Oh, it's you," Gina commented on seeing the two Vulpans. "Let me guess. Your Simon and our Grace - again."

    "If I may," Ignatius said, hoping to cool the inevitable feud.

    "Don't take that tone with me, Gina ParsleyHare," Sandra StęppanWylf warned.

    There was the briefest pause which Ignatius took advantage of. "Have you any idea where your children, Grace and Simon, are at this very moment?"

    "No, honestly," Slide said. "I thought that's why we came here - for you to tell us."

    "Erm . . . Right. If you would follow me," Ignatius suggested.

    They followed him down the stairs into the basement. As they did so, there was some conspiratorial whispering between both sets of parents.As soon as they reached the cabinet, it stopped abruptly.
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