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I'll admit to a little 'recycling' of art from the previous page but, all told, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Here we have another critical moment where the right decision could be made - but probably isn't.

Drawing completed - 19 OCT 2006
Drawing posted - 15 APR 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1400
Page 21
A Tunnel Under the Basement of The tré

   Grace and Simon stood frozen on the spot as they both instantly recognized the voice as belonging to that of the mayor. They also knew he would land them in a great vat of hot water if they responded in any way. Grace had led Simon on more than a few misadventures that had resulted in what the pair of them considered to be rather unfair and overly-strict punishments. Simon's parents, while not forbidding him to see Grace outright, did emphatically state that if there were one more 'adventure', he would be shipped off to a boarding school in the Caldons for the remainder of his education. Grace's parents, who seemed to think that most of the problem lay with the relatively blameless Simon, told her that if she didn't stay away from him, she would be spending the rest of her teen life indoors.
   With these idle threats positioned firmly in their minds, the pair of them were paralysed with fright by Ignatius' demands.
    "Come along! Open this thing up!" his voice demanded. He banged on it once or twice more and scowled, "How does this bloody thing open?"
    Without saying a word, the two of them turned in the opposite direction and crept away from his voice. The entire channel was little more than twenty yards and at the other end was a door, exactly the same as the one they had entered. Simon carefully pushed it ajar.
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