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I was pretty pleased with the top panel. Lots of action and clutter. Be sure to click on the 'raw' link (above, between 'home' and 'next') to see it without all of the text which provides more clutter than the clutter itself.

Also, the setting at the top matches the page and does not match the writing in the book, which you can download in the e-book page.

Drawing completed - 19 OCT 2006
Drawing posted - 08 APR 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1400
Page 20
The tré basement

   He flicked on the lights and whisked down the stairs as fast as he could to see what the source of the noise was before it disappeared. Twisting his ears this way and that, he listened carefully and hearing a few last indiscernible words, he also caught a scent of sulphur. The source of both was not far from the stairs and, as he suspected, was right next to the vent that led to his booth. It came from the large, metal cabinet that sat near the corner, untouched and unnoticed for ages. At nearly five feet wide, yet barely a few feet tall, it vaguely resembled a coal bin, hiding in plain sight, perfectly camouflaged by the debris surrounding it, such as planking, props and other theatrical residue. On the front, near the top, Ignatius discovered a padlock that had always been there, and gave it a cursory tug in the vain hope that it might simply pop open. He was disappointed in his effort. If it’s locked, how’d they get in the bloody thing? he asked himself. There was just enough space for him to put his ear to the box, which he did. In this case, his efforts were not disappointed.
   "Go? Go where? How're we to get out of here?" said one of the voices. It was that of a teenage girl and Ignatius seemed to think it rather familiar.
   "Shave me if I know," answered the voice of a teenage boy, which also seemed familiar.
   "We can't stay down here forever," said the girl.
   "Well, we're not going back the way we came. I say our only hope is that we go through the other end."
   "But we don't know what's there," said the girl.
   Ignatius had heard enough. He banged on the side of the cabinet and said in a loud, clear voice, "Hullo! Now see here! Who's this? You need to come out of this thing right this instant. Do you hear me? Who's in there?" He banged again and put his ear to the cabinet.
   There was silence.
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