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Ah, another physics lesson. And it's only page 12. And, yes, I actually remembered all of those equations. I didn't have to dust off any of my old college texts - no sir, not me.

Have you ever had one of those moments, where there's no real violence or large property damage, but you suddenly come to the realization that your life was going to be radically changed - for the worse?

My first reaction, much like Grace's, is to blame the nearest person.

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 11 FEB 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1355
Page 12
The tré basement

Stress, it is said, causes strain. What this means is that when a weight (that's the stress bit) is applied to any solid object - say, just as an example, a wooden beam - that object will change from its natural shape somehow (that's the strain bit). It might twist or stretch - or it might bend. In fact, the last thing holding up the cabinet did just that - it bent. As a result of doing so, its tip was no longer well lodged under the rather narrow rim at the top of the cabinet. This being the case, the board popped out from underneath the rim after just a few seconds, causing the cabinet to collapse and revert to its very closed state.

"Oh, great furry bollocks!"

"Now you've gone and done it! We're trapped!"

"Me?" protested Simon. "Why do you always make it out to be my fault!"
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