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This is the moment of irreversability, where an action sets into motion a one-way course of events.

I found it a bit difficult to illustrate the action of the board sliding down the wall and knocking one of the supporting boards out of position. I was rather pleased with the results of the first four panels, however - particularly the one with the 'stairs'.

You'll notice in panels one and two, where Grace is lighting a match (and then a candle) that she has no pads. I frequently see drawings of anthropomorphic rabbits and hares (or Rabbits and Hares) with pads. I suppose you could chalk it up to artistic license, as walking, talking lagomorphs don't actually exist. Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit, conveniently, wear gloves. This is, I suspect, to hide their 'condition'.

Drawing completed - 29 JUN 2006
Drawing posted - 04 FEB 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1355
Page 11
The tré basement

When he had finished, he went to Grace's side. "Got the candles?"

Grace lit a wick and lifted it to illuminate the passage. "Ready?" she asked.

"Yeah. Think so," he answered.

They cautiously walked in, side by side. Proceeding down a staircase, they were just beginning to notice that they were going upstairs without having reached any sort of landing when they heard a soft, scraping noise.

The source of this noise was one of the unused boards that Grace had hastily disposed of, as it slowly slid down the wall to the floor. She had chosen a rather unfortunate spot to place this wayward plank, as it hit one of the wooden props supporting the cabinet with a substantial impact on a rather key point, knocking it out of position. Fortunately, the prop on the other side stayed in place, thus preserving the cabinet's upright position.

Unfortunately, this remaining brace was now required to support a considerably heavier load.
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