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About the page...
    Otterstow is small enough that they don't have a train station - the nearest one is in HareFam, six miles away, which is about a two-hour walk. Automobiles, as we know them, are quite rare in the The Kingdom as they're far too dangerous. Otterstow does, however, have a functioning canal which is used for shipping and transportation, thus the fastest and cheapest way to get from Otterstow to HareFam is via boat.
    They could ride a bicycle and shave a few minutes off of their time but bikes are viewed more as a 'circus act' than a practical mode of transportation. Horses are also available (and faster) but one must find stables at the destination and that's expensive. The tré, if you've forgotten is the little theatre where the adults put on a play for the schoolchildren, twice a day on school days. This activity is politely referred to as "Portrayal Duty" or "PD" and impolitely referred to as things I cannot mention here. An explanation of how The tré got it's name is on page 3.

The story thus far...
    Grace and Simon, two teenage tearaways, have discovered a passage to Reality in the basement of The tré (a tiny theatre in their miniscule town of Otterstow). Unfortunately, they have accidentally trapped themselves and cannot return, although they do not seem to be in any hurry to do so.
    Ignatius (the mayor of Otterstow) suspects this is the case and has enlisted the aid of the parents; Slide, Sandra, Pete and Gina. None of the adults have figured out how to open the passage, which seems to involve a mysterious box that they cannot open.

What's going on right now:
    After Clare finishes her portrayal, Ignatius will take her to Trinova (the capital of The Kingdom) so they can do some research at the library and make some enquiries.

Drawing completed - 14JUL 2011
Drawing posted - 03 AUG 2011

21 JUNE 2001 Thursday - 0855
Page 119
The tré

    "Good morning, Your Honour," Clare said as she entered The tré and sat on the rail of the box seat. The schoolchildren were beginning to file in and take their seats in preparation for the Portrayal.

    "Good morning, Clare. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Ready for your trip?" Ignatius asked.

    "As I'll ever be," Clare said. "Although I would be more ready if I knew what we were trying to accomplish."

    "All in due time, young lady," Ignatius answered.

    "Are we walking to the station?"

    "Oh, no, we haven't the time to walk all the way to HareFam. We'll take a taxi ferry as soon as you're done with PD. Right, off you go."

    Clare glanced at a clock and wordlessly scampered backstage.
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