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About the page...
   Sometimes the old guys get a little lucky, but I suspect we'll hear few complaints from Linda, either.
   If I haven't mentioned, tobacco is illegal in The Kingdom.
   Meanwhile, it's back to work for Iggy. Just as a reminder, 'PD' is Portrayal Duty.

The story thus far...
    Grace and Simon, two teenage tearaways, have discovered a passage to Reality in the basement of The tré (a tiny theatre in their miniscule town of Otterstow). Unfortunately, they have accidentally trapped themselves and cannot return, although they do not seem to be in any hurry to do so.
    Ignatius (the mayor of Otterstow) suspects this is the case and has enlisted the aid of the parents; Slide, Sandra, Pete and Gina. None of the adults have figured out how to open the passage, which seems to involve a mysterious box that they cannot open.

What's going on right now:
    Ignatius had some guests last night. It is now early morning and he and Pete are discretely speculating about the whereabouts of the guests.

Drawing completed - 26 JUN 2011
Drawing posted - 13 JUL 2011

21 JUNE 2001 Thursday - 0740
Page 116
Nora Balcony

    "Did you see Geoff or Linda?"

    "I think they're still 'avin' a bit of a lie in as well."

    "They're not in the same room, are they?" asked Ignatius, concern on his face.

    "Dunno," Pete answered. "Don't make it a habit to do bed-check in someone else's 'ome."

    "Oh, well, so what if they are," Ignatius dismissed. "They're adults."

    "There's a goo' boy, Ig," Pete said. "They did go out to that bridge a few times last night," he recalled.

    "Did they?"

    "Just for a smoke, I think. They bofe seemed pretty mellow by the end o' the evenin'."

    The conversation was interrupted by the clock tower in town striking the hour. Ignatius counted the strokes, although he knew full well that it was eight in the morning. "PD waits for no man," he told Pete as he forced himself up from his chair so that he could prepare for the day.
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